About us

We are collectors.

At Collectios Uncovered, we've spent a significant amount of time and effort over the years building our collections, constantly searching for our next purchase and constantly researching our particular field. In doing so, we've gained a broad understanding of our subject and developed a close attachment to our collections. We feel the need to show off our collections whenever we have the chance and we're always willing to talk about them at length. Through collecting we have gained many friends across the country and much further afield. Like minded collectors who share our obsessions. These far flung friends have been a source of some of our best items and a valuable source of information.

We developed Collections Uncovered to provide functions we believe other collectors would enjoy based on our own experiences. To allow you to create your own personal online museum to show off your collections, and to allow you to nose through the collections of others and to communicate and trade with other collectors.
We hope you enjoy using the site.